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PGR Student,



Cristina holds a:

  • Bachelor degree in Geography and Urban Planning,
  • Master degree in Geographic Information Science, from the University of Bucharest, Romania
  • Erasmus certificate in Earth Sciences from the University of Milan.

Expertise Summary

Cristina has started her career as an intern for various companies in the field of energy, surveying and IT. She has previously worked as a GIS Specialist and has been responsible for coordinating activities and GIS & Earth Observation consultancy for two Romanian national projects involving over 20 stakeholders, both private and public. Her transition to Earth Observation came with a role at the European Space Agency, where her work focused on the development of EO data applications for the Energy sector.

Currently, as a PhD candidate, she is focusing on exploiting satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar and geospatial data for mapping ocean geoprocesses related to hydrocarbon natural seepage and anthropogenic pollution. Her work involves algorithm development using traditional and emerging technologies and investigating physics-based approaches for oceanographic SAR.

Cristina's current research role is with the Rights Lab, where she is aiding the development of satellite and geodata-based methods for detecting anthropogenic and natural changing patterns related to modern slavery.

She has extensive knowledge of various geospatial technologies, being an open source enthusiast and member of the FOSS4G community. She has experience with geospatial data cleaning, storing, processing and analysis, web technologies, data visualization, scripting, business analysis, project management and bidding.

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