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Easy Guide to Terminology & Investigations in Medicine Resource


This resource is designed to help nursing students and other learners to quickly access a useful resource before or when in the clinical area. Often in Clinical practice learners may hear or see terms or abbreviations that they may not now the meaning of. This sometimes takes place under different circumstances from listening to handover or Multi-disciplinary team meetings, when accompanying a doctor or other health care professional on ward rounds or at the patients beside. Having access to a resource or more easily accessible resources can be useful to any learner when in the clinical area. Any written resource is not meant to replace the learner from using enquiry.

The resource is set out so that learners allocated to a particular area/speciality can print off or download the necessary pages relevant to their learning experience. Each section is also in alphabetical order for easier navigation and reading.

The specific content of the resource reflects a breakdown, definition and other information on common investigations, procedures or terms carried out on/with patients mainly in the Medical Directorate with contributions from rehabilitation and physiotherapy. It is important to mention that the resource includes a number of approved abbreviations. Each trust has their own list of approved/acceptable abbreviations to use in patients notes and at Derby Hospitals these are available via their intranet, this may differ between hospitals.

The authors have designed this resource to meet the specific requirements of the learner working in the Medical Directorate, but could be adapted or added to from other areas or other Practice Learning Teams.

The resource is not an exhaustive list due to its restrictive size, learners are encouraged to utilise other resources to expand their knowledge in particular aspects they might not understand by accessing staff, tutors, libraries and other resources (the web, books & journals).

Contributions From: Kath Hulkorey (Lead Clinical Facilitator), Gregory Moran (Clinical facilitator Cardiology), Jayne Simpson (Clinical Facilitator- Ward 46&47), Sarah Morrow (CF gastro), Jill Rushworth (Clinical Educator Acute Stroke), Ruth Stewart (Senior physiotherapist), Beverley Eaglesfield & Jenny ERowe (Sisters Diabetology), Paul Hardy (Clinical facilitator) Louise Disney-Smith Clinical Facilitator Rheumatology

warningThe information contained within this resource is correct at the time of publication (January 2008)