OTiS Online Tutoring E-book

Editor Carol A. Higgison

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The OTiS (Online Teaching in Scotland) programme, run by the now defunct Scotcit programme, ran an International e-Workshop on Developing Online Tutoring Skills which was held between 8–12 May 2000. It was organised by Heriot–Watt University, Edinburgh and The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK. Out of this workshop came the seminal Online Tutoring E-Book, a generic primer on e-learning pedagogy and methodology, full of practical implementation guidelines. Although the Scotcit programme ended some years ago, the E-Book has been copied to the SONET site as a series of PDF files which are available below. There is an archived version of the original OTiS site on the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine but this is, of necessity, quite slow, hence the copying of the PDFs to SONET for quicker, local access.

The editor, Carol Higgison, is currently working in e-learning at the University of Bradford (see her staff profile) and is the Chair of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT).

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 : Learning Online

Chapter 2 : The Tutor's Role

Chapter 3 : Building an Online Learning Community

Chapter 4 : New Assessment Methods

Chapter 5 : Evaluation

Chapter 6 : Culture and Ethics

Chapter 7 : Institutional Support

Chapter 8 : Staff Development

Chapter 9 : Quality Assurance