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Resource Description
Digital Dust guide Free-to-download guide dealing with digital remains following a death
Digital Dust blog Vered Shavit's blog about death in the digital era
The Digital Human Episode of BBC Radio 4 programme on the topic of digital death
Modern Grief Blog post about a woman confronting her husband's digital ghosts
The Digital Beyond Online repository of resources, services and news on the topic of digital death
Digital death guide Illustrated guide to preparing for digital death
Digital Demise infographic Graphic guide to what happens to your online presences when you die
Dying, Death and Grief in an Online Universe Book/e-book for counsellors and educators on digital-era death

Does the Internet Change How We Die and Mourn?

Academic article exploring the implications and challenges of internet-age death, dying and bereavement

This RLO was developed by:

Mórna O Connor; Spiral Children's Bereavement Service; NUH Child Bereavement Service; Prof. Heather Wharrad; Dr. Glenys Caswell; Vered (Rose) Shavit; Prof. Jane Seymour; Nick Whiting; Simon Riley.

We would like to thank Vered (Rose) Shavit for her candour and bravery in sharing her story with us in order to raise awareness about this issue.