RLO: Aseptic Non-Touch Technique

ANTT Choices

In the context of ANTT, effective hand decontamination is the most significant procedure in preventing cross infection. Gloves are not a replacement for good hand hygiene; therefore, staff must decontaminate their hands before donning and after removing gloves.

ANTT is often achieved by the use of either forceps or sterile gloves. However, forceps may damage tissue, and gloves can become contaminated if using a firm touch. It is therefore evident that whichever method is utilised, a light delicate touch will reduce the risk of tissue damage and contamination. The choice between gloves and forceps should be made by the person undertaking the procedure, and will be dictated by the procedure being undertaken and the previous experience of the staff member.

Ideally, procedures requiring an ANTT should be done in an appropriate dedicated area, such as a clinic room. If this is not available, and the procedure is to be performed at the bedside, it should not occur directly after activities such as bed making which may have caused airborne contamination.

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