Sterile Gloves

The following video clip demonstrates the correct method for putting on sterile gloves:

  • After washing your hands, check the outer package for integrity and expiry date. If it is damaged or out of date, discard.
  • Open the package and carefully empty the contents onto the middle of a clean dressing trolley, ensuring the outer packaging does not touch the trolley surface.
  • Carefully open the pack, ensuring that only the outer aspects of the packaging are touched.
  • Put the first glove on, making sure you only touch the inner aspect of the cuff.
  • Put the second glove on, making sure you only touch the outer aspect of the glove with your sterile gloved hand.
  • Sterile gloves should not come into contact with non-sterile surfaces or objects. If this does happen, then discard the gloves and start again.

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