A new approach to therapeutic antibodies


MAbs are often considered high risk as either not effective or too toxic but these have been de-risked by, employing new platform technologies developed within the Centre and, conducting extensive screening assays to generate the ideal therapeutics.

A number of mAbs have been produced and are at various stages of development:

Diagram showing the products of the Nottingham University Therapeutic Antibodies Centre as a diagram with 5 blocks under the central NUTAC products block. The first block contains MRSA with PVL, LUK-S/F subunits and Hla underneath that. The second block contains Lewisy Glycolipid. The third block contains Glycans on CEA and MUC. The fourth block contains Novel Glycolipid Targets and the fifth and final block contains Glycolipid Platform Technology.

Some of these new mAbs are available for licensing whilst others continue to be developed in-house. 


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