Pain Centre Versus Arthritis

Pain Centre Versus Arthritis

The Pain Centre Versus Arthritis first opened in March 2010 at the University of Nottingham  and investigates the mechanisms that lead to chronic pain in order to improve the treatment of that pain.  






Who we are

Members of the Executive Committee

Walsh 2023
David Walsh, Professor of Rheumatology
Victoria Chapman, Professor of Neuropharmacology
Eamonn Ferguson, Professor of Health Psychology


Duncan Hodkinson, Senior Research Fellow


Federico 2023
Federico Dajas-Bailador, Associate Professor 
Weiya Zhang photo
Weiya Zhang, Professor of Epidemiology
Roger Knaggs, Associate Professor in Clinical Pharmacy

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Research Themes

QST knee Dan

Pain Centre Versus Arthritis is engaged in a programme of linked studies investigating mechanisms and treatments for arthritis pain in the laboratory, clinic and everyday life, using a comprehensive range of modern research methodologies. Our research spans across 5 major themes; (1) Biomarkers and Novel Therapeutic Targets, (2) Nociplasticity, and (3) Neurocognitive and Psychological Function. We have built upon this increased mechanistic understanding to undertake research that will transform (4) Treatment Efficacy and Real-World Evidence, and (5) Phenotyping and Personalised Medicine.

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Our Expert Resources

questionnaire II
biorepository II

Our resources include datasets, laboratory and clinical assessment tools, cohorts, biorepositories and much more. Details are provided of how you may access these resources for collaborative research.

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Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPI/E)

Pain Centre has its own PPI database - Patient and Public Advisory Group (PPAG) which aims to support people with pain conditions through effective two-way communication and better our understanding of pain mechanisms. We want to make sure that patients' insights are fully embedded in our research activities so that we can find better ways to help people with pain conditions. 
Joanne Stocks PPAG


Learn more about joining the PPAG as a patient partner or requesting PPI support for your research

Meeting and Conferences


APDP networking

Pain Centre Versus Arthritis organises regular meetings for our members. Our internal scientific meetings are open to all members and are an amazing training opportunity which allows our members to celebrate their research progress, receive feedback, and network with other researchers in the centre. Our external scientific meetings are open to everyone in the university and welcome both national and overseas speakers to present at the events. Senior investigators are invited to join quarterly progress meetings to reflect on the activities of the pain centre and share research updates. Journal clubs, chaired by Weiya Zhang, and Preclinical Meetings, hosted by Victoria Chapman, are another amazing opportunity to deepen your knowledge of pain conditions and mechanisms.

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Pain Centre Versus Arthritis provides training for clinical and non-clinical scientists in research methodology relevant to pain mechanisms and treatment.

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Clinical advice

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide clinical advice for the treatment of arthritis and would suggest you contact your doctor.

Further information and support regarding arthritis can be found via the Versus Arthritis website.


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General enquiries

Please contact the Administrative Co-ordinator

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