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Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine

Prof Mark Batt is a Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine at The Centre for Sports Medicine, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. He has a busy NHS practice and a past Fellow at The NHS Institute for Innovation & Improvement.

He graduated from Cambridge University Medical School in 1984 and trained in Family Medicine. He obtained a Diploma in Sports Medicine from the University of London in 1991 and completed a fellowship in Sports Medicine at the University of California, Davis (UCD) in 1993. The next two years were spent as a faculty member in Family Medicine at UCD and as a team physician at the University of California, Berkeley.

Since 1995, he has been in Nottingham as a Consultant/Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Medicine at the Nottingham University Hospitals: appointed Special Professor in 2004. He served for 2½ years as clinical director for Trauma and Orthopaedics. He is the Q-Active programme director - a workplace health and wellness programme based at The Queens Medical Centre:

He serves or served as a consultant for The England and Wales Cricket Board, The Rugby Football League, British Gymnastics, The English Institute of Sport, The Wimbledon Tennis Championships, ATP and the WTA.

He is immediate Past-President of the Faculty of Sport & Exercise Medicine and past Chairman of the Specialist Advisory Committee in SEM. He chaired the work-group which produced the successful case for SEM as a specialty of medicine (2005).

His research interests include: Overuse injuries, particularly groin, low back, lower leg pain (shin splints and stress fractures), tendon disease, OA and Workplace Wellness. He is Director of the Arthritis Research UK Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis: a consortium of Nottingham, Oxford, Southampton, Bath, Loughborough, UCL and Leeds Universities investigating the relationship between acute and overuse injury and subsequent Osteoarthritis.

Teaching Summary

All aspects of Sport & Exercise Medicine

Research Summary

Health Services research: Sports Medicine Clinic Audit

Physical activity levels of patients attending SEM clinics

Development of Functional Movement Score for out-patient clinical practice

Sport, exercise and Osteoarthritis

Recent Publications

Past Research

1980-81: Neurone tracing in spinal nerves: University of St. Andrews.

1984: Systemic lupus and pregnancy: University of Calgary.

1987: Mefenamic Acid induced enteritis: Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge

1990-91: Golfing Injuries: Royal London Hospital.

1992-95: Exercise and Hypertension: University of California, Davis.

1993-94: Osteitis pubis in football players: University of California, Berkeley.

1993-95: Plantar fasciitis - Treatment modalities-Randomized clinical trial : University of California, Davis.

1993-95: Special Olympics Athletes.

1994-95: The utility of M.R.I. in the diagnosis of Shin splints (Phase 1 and 2): University of California, Davis / University of Nottingham.

1997-2000: Bone health in gymnasts, swimmers and controls

2000-2002: Outcomes for surgery of Chronic exertional compartment syndrome

2001-2003: Psychological aspects of Patellofemoral pain

2002-2006: Low back pain in sport

2006-2008: Tendonopathy: Prospective longitudinal cohort study of Achilles tendinosis

Future Research

Consequence of sports injury (acute and overuse): subsequent development of Osteoarthritis

Pain Centre Versus Arthritis

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