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How to become a patient insight partner

Get involved in our research as a patient and public representative

You can have a say about our research, by joining our Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Advisory Group. Your experiences and opinions are important to us. You do not need to have any research experience, just an interest in being involved. 

We refer to Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) when researchers and healthcare professionals work together with patients and the public to improve health research and related activities.  This can help us to improve health services to benefit patients and the public.

Are you:

  • A patient with osteoarthritis or similar
  • A carer, partner, friend or relative of someone with osteoarthritis or similar
  • Someone with a history of osteoarthritis or similar in their family
  • Someone with an interest in osteoarthritis or similar conditions
  • Someone with an interest in research or with experience of taking part in research

By getting involved you will help us to:

  • Make sure our research looks at the questions that are important to our patients
  • Develop our research plans
  • Improve the experience for people who take part in our research
  • Share our research news with patients and the public
  • Make sure that any screening or treatments that might come from our research are right for patients


You may also:

  • Get to have a say in the research that is important to you
  • Be able to share your experiences
  • Learn more about our research
  • Meet new people
  • Gain confidence and new skills


What being a member of the PPI Advisory Group might involve:

  • Giving us your comments and opinions on research and research-related documents; these can be sent by email or in the post
  • Coming to discussion groups with other advisory group members, researchers and healthcare workers
  • Helping us to tell people about our research

You would be able to choose the activities that interest you. Support will be given, if necessary.




Download our Information Leaflet

Download our Description of PPI activities

Contact us or find out more

Through research, we can help to improve healthcare and treatment.

If you would like to get involved in our research at the Pain Centre Versus Arthritis, please email us at

If you would like more information about being involved in our research, see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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