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Quantitative Sensory Testing Publications

Brady, SM, Georgopoulos, V, Veldhuijzen van Zanten, JJCS, Duda, JL, Metsios, JS, Kitas, GD, Fenton, SAM, Walsh, DA, McWilliams, DF. The inter-rater and test-retest reliability of three modalities of Quantitative Sensory Testing in healthy adults and people with chronic low back pain or rheumatoid arthritis. Pain Reports (in press, August 2023) 

Kouraki, A, Doherty, M, Fernandes, GS, Zhang, W, Walsh, DA, Kelly, A, Valdes, AM. Different genes may be involved in distal and local sensitisation: a genome-wide gene-based association study and meta-analysis. Eur J Pain 2022, 26, 740-53. 

Georgopoulos, V, Akin-Akinyosoye, K, Smith, S, McWilliams, DF, Hendrick, P, Walsh, DA. An observational study of centrally facilitated pain in individuals with chronic low back pain. Pain Reports 2022, 7, e1003 

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Kurien T, Kerslake RW, Graven‐Nielsen T, Arendt‐Nielsen L, Auer DP, Edwards K, Scammell BE, Petersen KK. Chronic postoperative pain after total knee arthroplasty: The potential contributions of synovitis, pain sensitization and pain catastrophizing - An explorative study. Eur J Pain 2022, 26 (9), 1979-89. 

Persson, MSM, Stocks, J, Sarmanova, A, Fernandes, G, Walsh, DA, Doherty, M, Zhang, W. Individual responses to topical ibuprofen gel or capsaicin cream for painful knee osteoarthritis: a series of n-of-1 trials. Rheumatology 2021, 60, 2231–37. doi:10.1093/rheumatology/keaa561 

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Georgopoulos, V; Akin-Akinyosoye, Zhang, W, McWilliam, DF, Hendrick, P, Walsh, DA. Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST) and predicting outcomes for musculoskeletal pain, disability and negative affect: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Pain 2019;160:1920-1932 

Akin-Akinyosoye, K, Frowd, N, Marshall, L, Stocks, J, Fernandes, G, Valdes, A, McWilliams, DF, Zhang, W, Doherty, M, Ferguson, E, Walsh, DA. Traits associated with central pain augmentation in the Knee Pain in the Community (KPIC) cohort. Pain 2018, 159, 1035-44. doi: 10.1097/j.pain.0000000000001183 

Kurien T, Arendt-Nielsen L, Petersen KK, Graven-Nielsen T, Scammell BE. Preoperative neuropathic pain-like symptoms and central pain mechanisms in knee osteoarthritis predicts poor outcome 6 months after total knee replacement surgery. The Journal of Pain 2018, 19(11):1329-41. 

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Suokas, AK, Walsh, DA, McWilliams, DF, Condon, L, Moreton, B, Wylde, V, Arendt-Nielsen, L, Zhang, W. Quantitative sensory testing in painful osteoarthritis: A systematic review. Osteoarthritis Cart. 2012, 20, 1075-85

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