The Pavlopetri Underwater Archaeology Project
Total Station survey at the site in 2009

2009 Season

Total Station survey at the site in 2009

Over two and half weeks from May to June 2009, a joint Greek and British team of archaeological divers and archaeologists under the general direction of Mr. Elias Spondylis (Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities, Hellenic Ministry of Culture) and Dr. Jon Henderson (University of Nottingham) began the essential first stage of the project: to accurately record, using modern digital techniques, the surviving architectural remains on the site as well as recover and study a range of surface archaeological finds from across the site. 

Sector scan sonar images of buildings and structures at Pavlopetri
Sector scan sonar images of buildings and structures at Pavlopetri
Detailed digital underwater survey of the structural remains was carried out (using shore based totals stations and sector scan sonar technology) alongside sampling of the artefactual material across the site. In addition to the digital recording of the 300 by 150 meters of previously known buildings over 9000 square metres of new buildings were discovered during the 2009 survey, including a large rectangular hall and a new street lined with buildings. New stone lined graves were also discovered alongside a recently exposed pithos burial. The ceramics recovered confirm the Mycenaean occupation of the site but also suggest occupation throughout the Bronze Age from at least 3000 BC up to 1100 BC (EH I-LH IIIC middle, all sub-phases represented). More surprisingly, some Final Neolithic

pottery was also recovered indicating activity from at least the mid-4th millennium BC.



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