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Approaches to studying for learning at university.

"… I thought, well, in a minute, you know, we've done all this sort of paper planning and people and equipment…"

4 min 10s video by Stephanie Bridges et al., November 2009.


Clarifying assessment criteria and setting expectations.

"… I think in Nigeria the years of your performance are equally weighted, every year so, for example, if you are doing a…"

5 min 3s video by Azi Etire et al., November 2009.


Connecting international teaching with research.

"… I've had students that have done projects in Hong Kong and China and Spain. I've had PhD…"

3 min 49s video by Nicola Pitchford et al., September 2009.


Course planning: managing modules across campuses.

"… If you are a Nottingham academic in the UK and the school which has got the participation of overseas campus is…"

3 min 54s video by Christopher Barnatt et al., November 2009.


Critical thinking: developing students' independence.

"… My sense is that they come to study law here and they're expecting someone to say Okay, welcome to law school.…"

4 min 45s video by Rebecca Moor et al., November 2009.


Giving a broader perspective using culturally varied examples.

"… When we come to content, clearly, you could talk to a physicist who's going to say, well, you know, the laws of…"

4 min 28s video by Chris Ennew et al., November 2009.


Globalisation and a university education.

"… It's not just international students and thinking about the international students but actually, it's a much wider process and…"

4 min 13s video by Stephanie Bridges et al., November 2009.


Graduate qualities: transferable skills and intercultural competence.

"… I think the thing that the best university students do in my view and what marks them out, is that they ask…"

3 min 54s video by David Clarke et al., November 2009.


Idiomatic language in teaching.

"… I remember one particular incident, I do some lectures on composite materials, and there…"

1 min 36s video by Mike Clifford et al., September 2009.


Inclusivity as a basis for group discussions.

"… Interaction in the class or the seminar is very important. No. 1 is that it ventilate your doubt about certain…"

4 min 26s video by Kingsley Udeh et al., November 2009.


Videos 1 - 10 of 29     Results pages: 2  3    Next


Dr Rachel Scudamore

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