Hannah's research success

Physics student Hannah has taken advantage of many fantastic opportunities during her time with us. She recently wrote an article about the innovative medical physics research she has been involved in, which made the cover of Physics World magazine. 

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How did you get involved in this opportunity?

I've been very keen to take on as much work experience during my time at university, mostly because paid work in the summer helps to keep me afloat during the academic year, but also as it's a great opportunity to try different possible career paths. This opportunity arose due to a slight change in plans (due to Covid) of the summer research placement I was going to undertake with the MEG group in Nottingham and their collaborators in London.

I had already worked with Professor Matt Brookes and his group, helping them with outreach events. Matt thought it would be a good idea to try and combine the skills from my previous humanities degree and the physics I'd learned, to try and write about their research. 

What advice you would give to a physics student who wanted to do something similar?

Ask! If you see something you like and you want to get involved, the best thing you can do is ask. Often the answer will be no, but sometimes (and more often than you might expect) it's a yes. If you have other skills you'd like to incorporate too, even better! 

What are you hoping to do after graduation?

I'm hoping to do a PhD in London. A physics degree has shown me just how many opportunities there are to use your scientific and analytical skills, and how diverse and broad your interests can be. I'm not set on a career in academia, but I do love the variety that research brings. For all the career paths I'm most interested in, specialising at postgraduate level and research experience is key. 

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