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Public lecture on whales

A30 Lecture Theatre, Lakeside Arts Centre, Music Department, University Park Campus
Tuesday 19th March 2024 (18:00-19:00)

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Large image of a whale swimming in a deep blue ocean. Poster promoting lecture on Humans and whales

Humans and whales: hunting, palaeontology and conservation

All welcome to join us for this free public lecture by Simon Hill

Humans have long had a complicated relationship with whales. They’ve been seen as resources, with some species sadly hunted almost to extinction. But that’s only one part of the story... 

Whales have also long mystified scientists - especially over the question of their evolutionary origins. More recently, conserving global whale populations has become a priority.

This talk will summarise these human-whale interactions and reaffirm the view that whales are some of the most beloved and curious creature in the animal kingdom.



Simon Hill is a Teaching Associate at the University of Nottingham. He works on the history of whaling and has subsequently expanded his research to issues of conservation.


Who can attend?

This free, public lecture is open to the general public as well as staff and students. It is a special event as part of the University of Nottingham's Sustainability Action Week. Find out more about other events and activities happening across the Unviersity by visiting the Sustainability Week website.

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