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Sustainability Action Week is taking place at the University of Nottingham from Monday 28 February – Sunday 6 March. This week of activities and events encourages staff, students, and alumni to engage with environmental and social issues and take action for the climate.

Under the Universities for Nottingham Network, this is a collaborative event with the university’s Sustainability Team and the Students’ Union teaming up with Nottingham Trent University and Students’ Union and Nottingham City Council to host events and share advice and guidance for sustainable living.

Both universities are leading the way in sustainability, ranked in the top four of the most sustainable universities in the world in 2021 and will play an important role in supporting Nottingham’s commitment to become the first carbon-neutral city in the country by 2028.

Find out what's going on, book onto some events and get involved. More events will be added over the coming weeks.


Happening all week

Green Rewards March Sustainability Challenge

Sign up to Green Rewards and get rewarded for the positive actions that you take. There will be specific activities relating to Sustainability Action Week, as well as Fairtrade Fortnight which is happening 21 February - 6 March 2022.

UoN, NTU, Nottingham City Council and Nottingham County Council, are joining their Green Rewards programmes together for the March Sustainability Challenge, to coincide with Sustainability Action Week.

The Challenge is to avoid 120,000kg of CO2 throughout March. This means residents across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, and staff and students in both universities can all help achieve this goal!

Get involved by reporting your actions such as sustainable travel, reducing meat intake and switching off devices, and monitor the real-time progress. Why not challenge yourself to go that extra step further – everything counts!

Sign up now.

Careers in sustainability

Thinking about a career involving sustainability? During Sustainability Action Week you can join the university Careers and Employability Service to hear from different speakers about a range of career pathways involving sustainability. Attend sector insight events on 1 and 2 March 12-1.30pm and visit the careers stand at the Sustainability Fair on 1 March (see below).

Find out more and book on.


Read our blogs on a range of environmental themes, written by staff, students and external contributors. Plus some of our staff and students will be blogging throughout the week as they try to live as sustinably as possible.


Monday 28 February

University Park Litter Pick

12pm - 1pm

Join the university's silver award winning Hedgehog Friendly Campus Group & the Res X team on a lunchtime litter pick to help clean up campus and make it safer for hedgehogs and other wildlife.

Meet on the steps outside the Portland Building. Just turn up on the day and we'll provide the equipment. But please read the information here before attending.


Tuesday 1 March

Sustainability Fair at University Park

11am - 4pm, Engineering and Science Learning Centre

Find out about sustainability at the university. Understand how we can all take action to reduce energy, waste and carbon emissions, pick up some freebies and see the UoN solar powered racing car.

Come along throughout the day, meet the Sustainability Team and hear about the university’s sustainability initiatives, from reducing food waste and carbon emissions, to rewilding our campuses. Find out how you can get involved and take action with Green Rewards.


  • See the University of Nottingham Racing Team's solar car. This is being developed by students passionate about sustainable transport for the future, with the aim of competing in European and World Solar Challenges.
  • Discover how the university is engaging the public and policymakers with sustainability research. Learn about our involvement with COP26, how we used a local pop up shop to raise awareness, and our efforts to engage young people. We’ll be showcasing resources made by researchers to reach their target audiences and are happy to chat about different techniques you may want to employ.
  • Have a go on a smoothie bike and pedal your way to a healthy beverage with Nottingham charity Ridewise.
  • Bring your own cup and join our waste contractor Enva for FREE coffee and a chat about recycling (whilst stocks last).
  • Find out about Nottingham City Council’s Carbon Neutral by 2028 target and have your say.
  • Speak to walking and cycling charity Sustrans about how to travel more sustainably.
  • Interested in careers in sustainability but not sure where to start? Talk to the Careers Team for information and guidance. 
  • Chat with environmental student societies.



Tuesday 1 March

UniGreenScheme talk - The asset resale service for universities. Case studies from UoN on equipment resale

2pm - 3pm, Online via Teams

Hear about how UniGreenScheme developed and how they are rehoming unwanted lab equipment from UoN.

In 2015, PhD student Michael McLeod was asked to help with a summer lab clearout and empty cupboards of unwanted research equipment into an electrical skip.

Frustrated seeing this good equipment going to waste, he launched UniGreenScheme - a service to collect, store and sell unwanted equipment for universities. 

The resale service now employs 20 staff and has re homed over 700,000kg of unwanted  equipment so far, saving the sector over £1.3m versus disposal.

This webinar will show that journey and talk through example case studies at the University of Nottingham, which has rehomed over 4,000kg of equipment already through the scheme.

Link to join on Teams.


Tuesday 1 March

Dopplle Student Clothes Swap

6.30pm - 8.30pm, The Atrium, Jubilee Campus

Come along with some clothes you no longer wear and swap them for some different ones! 

Bring along clothes you don't wear anymore and swap them for some new pre-loved ones. 

Brought to you by clothes swapping app Dopplle and Res X. 


Wednesday 2 March

The sustainable laboratory

9am - 10am, online webinar via Teams

How can we make the laboratory environment more sustainable? Talk by Starlabs.

We understand that the lab environment is not one of the greenest but the people working in them care for the environment and want to improve this. 

This talk by Starlab will focus on how we can make the laboratory environment more sustainable by using the ‘Think green, buy green, be green' initiative to move towards a greener future!

Join via Teams


Wednesday 2 March

Sutton Bonington Sustainability Day

11am - 4pm

Spend the day at Sutton Bonington campus and take part in a range of environmental activities. Visit the Farmers Market, learn about sustainability and recycling at the university, help wildlife with a litter pick and visit the allotment.

Sutton Bonington farmers market, 11am - 3pm

SB Farmers' Market is a student run market, showcasing a range of local producers and businesses. A range of products are on sale from sweet treats, to fresh fruit and veg and a range of hot foods. There is something for everyone (free parking and dogs welcome)!

All the R's sustainability stand, 11am - 1pm

The UoN sustainability team and the School of Biosciences will be in the Barn talking about recycling, energy and Green Rewards. 

PhD student Doreen Anene will be promoting her charity STEM Belle, which recycles science equipment from university labs for science practical lessons in low-income girls community schools in Nigeria. 

We'll also be joined by Uni Green who help UK universities reduce waste, consume resources sustainably, and enable research organisations to thrive in an increasingly resource-constrained world.

Come and say hello.

Open allotment, 11am - 4pm

Visit the Sutton Bonington allotment, find out how to get involved with the student Allotment Society and pick up some free pumpkin seeds to get started with growing your own veg.

Send any questions to:

Litter pick, 2pm - 3pm

Join the university's silver award winning Hedgehog Friendly Campus Group & the Res X team on a litter pick to help clean up campus and make it safer for hedgehogs and other wildlife.

Meet in the Nest on the ground floor of the Barn. Just turn up on the day and we'll provide the equipment. But please read the information here before attending.


Now postponed until Thursday 24 March

Nottingham Climate Action Workshop

5.30pm - 6:30pm, Online

Experts from Universities for Nottingham, Nottingham City Council and students from University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University discuss the impacts of COP26 to the city and the universities.  

With Nottingham City Council's well publicised, ambitious plan for Nottingham to become the first city in the UK to achieve net zero carbon by 2028, the panel will discuss the progress of their own institutional targets towards Net Zero/Carbon neutrality with a focus on Scope 3 emissions.

The panel will also discuss their community engagement initiatives and explore ways to mobilise activism and climate positive behaviours within the community. Green Rewards, the online platform adopted by all three institutions, will be used as an example to evaluate community contributions.

The Universities for Nottingham network consists of representatives from Nottingham Trent University, The University of Nottingham, and Nottingham City Council. Representatives from each will be present on the panel.

Email with any further questions.

Please complete the registration form to reserve your place.


Wednesday 2 March

Make a sculpture out of waste, student competition

6.30pm - 8.30pm, The Atrium, Jubilee campus

Come and make a work of art from waste materials. Create a sculpture to highlight the need to recycle.

Join ResX in the The Atrium at Jubilee to make a work of art from waste materials.

Create a sculpture to highlight the need to recycle and have it displayed for all to see. 


Thursday 3 March

Dr Bike and DIY Maintenance Sessions

10am - 2pm, outside David Ross Sports Village (UP)

Free Dr Bike maintenance and do-it-your-self sessions from Nottingham Bikeworks.

Have your bike looked at for free with our regular Dr Bike mechanic. You must book your place in advance by booking on here

If you've always wanted to know how to maintain your bike yourself, attend a free 15 minute do-it-your-self session to learn some basic skills. Sessions are taking place every half an hour between 10 - 2pm. No need to book, just drop in at any of the following times:

  • 10am
  • 10.30am
  • 11am
  • 11.30am
  • 12pm
  • 12.30pm
  • 1pm
  • 1.30pm

Thursday 3 March

Managing Eco-Anxiety Workshop

12pm - 1pm, Online via Teams

Join staff and students from UoN and NTU to discuss remedies to tackle stress and anxiety surrounding climate change.

Eco-anxiety is the term used to describe a sense of fear or worry about climate change. Learn more about eco-anxiety and how to tackle it including tips on reducing stress and anxiousness, suggestions for practical actions, insights from research insight, ideas for creative expression plus a demonstration of embodied, nature-based wellbeing techniques using Tai Chi Qigong movements.


  • NTU Green Academy
  • UoN Sustainability Team
  • NTU Student Wellbeing Officer Paul Dodsley
  • UoN researcher Neil Chadborn
  • NTU Student Sustainability Society
  • NTU Arts & Humanities lecturer Lisa Clughen

Link to join


Thursday 3 March

All the R's at Sutton Bonington 

11am - 1pm, The Barn

Visit an information stand by the School of Biosciences to find out about recycling at the university.

The School of Biosciences will be in the Barn talking about all the R’s: recycling, reusing, regifting, reducing, refusing. Find out about recycling options at the university and how we can do our but to reduce waste.

Friday 4 March

Eppendorf ULT freezers in the world of Sustainability

12pm - 1pm, Online talk via Teams (Moved from Tuesday)

Learn about of -80 C freezers in labs and the sustainability issues surrounding them.

Even environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient Ultra low temperature freezers (also known as ULT freezer or -80°C freezer) still consume a significant amount of energy as they maintain extremely low temperatures 24/7.

With today‘s high energy costs and focus on the environment, energy conservation has become even more important in the lab.

This talk by Eppendorf will explore the benefits and issues.

Join on Teams


Friday 4 March

Can we cope with the complexity of reality? Education for sustainability

2pm - 3pm, Online via Teams

This talk hosted by the SU Environment and Social Justice Network will look at some issues we need to consider if we want education for a viable future to be more than empty talk – crucial in our era of climate change, fake news, self-illusions, and political upheaval.

Education for a viable future has never been more important than in our era of climate change, fake news, self-illusions, and political upheaval. Whether humanity will have a dignified future hangs in the balance.

The urgency of finding sound solutions to a number of complex problems is obvious. We can’t really allow ourselves to get it wrong, but the temptation to fall for easy, convenient answers is considerable.

This talk by Dr Rolf Jucker, Director of the Swiss Foundation for Nature-based Learning will explore emerging insights from various fields which allow us to collectively build evidence-based and wise solutions.

Register here.

Click here to join on Teams 


Saturday 5 March

Garden session with herb planting

11am - 1pm University Park community garden

Enjoy a day with the student Conservation Society in the community garden.

Come see first hand why sustainability is important with UoN's Conservation Society!

Enjoy a day in our community garden, gain inspiration for your own, and get your hands a little dirty with some herb planting in pots you can take home.

This event is free for members and nonmembers to encourage everyone to get hands on with sustainable action. Stick around after the planting for our traditional tea and biscuit hour for a chance to chat with the ConSoc community.

This event will take place at our main campus community garden just next to Nightingale Hall on University Park.

Please feel free to reach out on instagram if you have any questions.


Saturday 5 March

Walk to Wollaton Park

12.30pm meet outside The Atrium on Jubilee

All students are welcome on this walk to Wollaton Park from Jubilee campus with ResX

Enjoy a walk to Wollaton Park from Jubilee campus with ResX.


Sustainability Team

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