go! Your sustainable choices matter

At the University of Nottingham we’re committed to embedding sustainability at the heart of our organisation to meet our ambition of being fully carbon neutral by 2050.

We need a culture shift to achieve this, by engaging with everyone who works or studies at the university to encourage them to act as sustainably as possible in all aspects of their university life.

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What is 'go!'?

go! is an insight-based campaign that has been designed to reach out and connect with students and staff and provide a framework for all sustainability-based communication.

go! will help us to demonstrate our commitment as a university to tackling climate change, as well as empowering everyone to step up, take action and that your sustainable choices matter.

In designing the campaign we worked with our staff and students to better understand attitudes towards environmental sustainability. Through this we know that:

  • you are keen for the university to be more sustainable place to work and study
  • you want to know what the university is doing to achieve its carbon neutral ambition
  • you are ready and willing to help the University on this journey
  • You now want to know what action to take


So let's get going

The university - and the planet - wont be able to meet net zero carbon emissions targets without us all changing our lifestyle and patterns of consumption. 

That’s why we need to be enabling behaviour change at an individual level as much as we need to be making systemic, structural changes within the University.

We can’t do one without the other and we all have a part to play. 


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Sustainability Team

Estate Office, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD