The Edible Campus Project

A vision for the future

A new initiative, the Edible Campus Project was set up in Autumn 2023 with the aim of connecting our community by building relationships with food and nature.

The project is working to connect and support existing growing initiatives on our University Park and Jubilee Campuses, and aims to create more spaces where staff, students, and members of the wider local community can learn about growing fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Passionate about access to good food for all, Edible Campus promotes healthy, sustainable food on campus and hope to run and support initiatives such as communal meals and cooking workshops.

A foraging map of University Park and Jubilee Campuses (coming soon) aims to encourage people to make use of the many edible plants and trees which already exist.

A series of events in Summer 2024 are planned, including communal eating events/assemblies around food run with the Student Dining Co-op and a celebration event.

Working in partnership

The project was set up by Anne Touboulic, an Associate Professor in the Business School, along with Head of Sustainability Gavin Scott and Jenny Elliott, an Associate Professor in the School of Education. The advisory group, made up of staff and students from across the university and members of local community organisations, is steering the work and developing a future strategy. Partners are also involved, such as the Food Systems Institute.

Edible Campus at The Royal Concert Hall as part of the Universities for Nottingham Sustainability Showcase in March 2024.

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