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The University of Nottingham is keen for all students to be able to access learning that enhances their understanding of sustainability, equipping them to make a positive contribution to a sustainable global society. This may be as part of the formal curriculm through their choice of modules or by participating in extra-curricular activities such as Nottingham Advantage Award, volunteering or internships.

The University also offers research opportunities in the field of sustainability, both in the UK and at our overseas campuses. Our research portfolio includes projects ranging from carbon capture and storage to corporate social responsibility.




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Education for Sustainable Development

The Education and Student Experience Strategic Delivery Plan (ESE SDP) has been developed to support the University of Nottingham Strategy. Within it, the ESE SDP highlights Environmental Sustainability as one of it’s seven strategic goals.

  • Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals: through research-engaged teaching and through the articulation of professional competencies and learning for sustainability in our curriculum design
  • We will work with students, alumni, employers and professional bodies to co-create curricula (academic, co- and extra-curricula), that embeds our university values, supports good mental health, develops professional competencies and learning for sustainability.
  • Support to develop relevant programmes and modules, as well as creative approaches to the teaching of sustainability across all disciplines, embedding of environmental sustainability in our culture through our ways of working (including teaching and learning), our behaviours on campus, and our contributions to sustainability within our local communities.

Education and Student Experience Strategic Delivery Plan




Extra-curricular activities

In 2022 the University ran the first Climate Fresk session to be held at the University. Climate Fresk is a three-hour workshop that uses the IPCC reports to educate and engage people on the science of climate change. Open to all students, the session also looked at the actions that can be taken to tackle climate change at a personal, faculty and university level.

More workshops are planned for 2023/2024 as part of a fully funded project to pilot an eco-induction programme for students within the School of Geography and the Business School. Carbon Literacy Training will also be utilised.

In 2023, the University ran a Sustainability Challenge for students to learn more about sustainability at the university and build essential employability skills. The challenge was completed by over 30 students from across the university. Building on its success, future challenges are planned.

Read a first-hand account of the Sustainability Challenge

Students as Change Agents enables students to take practical action on sustainability and to make a real impact on teaching and learning.

Sustainability Team

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