Policy and performance

Our vision

The University of Nottingham will support a community that contributes towards a socially responsible and sustainable global society. Our objective is to be net-positive and to contribute more to society than we take, with responsibility broader than just reducing our environmental impact.  


As a major global organisation we recognise that we have an environmental, economic and societal impact locally, nationally and internationally. 

Increasingly our students, staff and local community partners recognise and expect the University to be a leading advocate of sustainability in its teaching, learning, research, decision-making and operations. 

The University's Global Strategy 2020 clearly defines a mandate for the further development of our sustainability agenda.


Our strategy

The University has made significant progress in driving forward the environmental agenda over the last decade and is seen as a global leader in this arena.

The Sustainability Strategy PDF format (update published May 2016) builds upon our successes and sets out a framework for delivering a truly sustainable University, focusing on six strategic areas:

  • Student Experience
  • Education for Sustainability
  • Research for Sustainability
  • Partnership and Engagement
  • Operations for Sustainability
  • Governance and Quality Assurance


Our programmes

Our sustainability programmes are financed by the University, although we have secured external funding from Salix Finance for aspects of our Carbon Management Plan

We work with a number of organisations to measure and improve our performance, these include:


Sustainability Team

Estate Office, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD