Sustainability and Environment committee

The University’s Sustainability and Environment Committee directs policy on all environmental issues. This committee, chaired by the Chief Estates and Facilities Officer, meets three times per year. 

The terms of reference for the Committee are:
  • to advise University Executive Board on sustainability-related matters affecting the University
  • to monitor, review and make recommendations to reduce the environmental impact of the University and enhance the contribution that the University makes to sustainability, through the delivery of its Sustainability Strategy PDF format
  • to develop, implement and monitor the University's Sustainability Strategy and Carbon Management Plan in line with the University's Strategic Plan

Sustainability and Environment Committee also administers the Environment Initiative Fund that enables students and staff to bid for funding for sustainability projects.


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Membership of Sustainability & Environment Committee

  • Chair: Prof Peter Licence
  • Director of Sustainability: Andy Nolan
  • Environmental Manager: Gavin Scott
  • Energy Manager: Bryony Attenborough
  • Safety Office: Neil Hawthorne
  • Students' Union Environment & Social Justice Officer: Bonni Jee
  • External member of University Council:
  • Procurement representative: 
  • IT Services representative:
  • External Relations representative: Tara De Cozar
  • Teaching and Learning representative: Prof Sarah Speight
  • Research representative: 
  • Students' Union staff member: Phil Smith
  • Commercial Services representative: Nicola Penn
  • Campus representatives*: Rachel Greatrix, Dr Judy Muthuri, Sue Lane

* Campus representatives can be from either support or academic-related areas, they shall serve for a maximum of three years



Sustainability Team

Estate Office, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD