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What is 'go! Greener'?

Wherever you live, work, or study, you have the opportunity to actively contribute to recycling and curbing overconsumption. Even the smallest actions can make a significant impact.

In response to the climate emergency, we are committed to reducing our university's carbon emissions by 63% by 2030.​ While we are already making strides, achieving this goal requires the collective efforts of everyone.

Your choices matter — from what you buy to what you discard. The power to make a positive impact on our environment is in your hands.

So, let's take action together! Go greener and help us create a sustainable future.

 Each year, UoN produces:

  • 2,580t construction waste​

  • 500t green waste​

  • 119t clinical waste​

  • 36t food waste

In our waste management practices, it is crucial to adhere to the waste hierarchy, prioritising the reduction and reuse of waste as the preferred approaches before resorting to recycling.

Did you know?

On campus, only 35% of waste is placed in the right bin to start with.

Each year UoN halls of residence generate roughly 676.6 tons of waste. That’s enough to fill 62 full bin lorries. We’re facing a climate and ecological emergency.

Reducing waste is key to limiting our environmental impact and living more sustainably. We can do it if we work together.


What you can do

These are the actions where we can make recycling effective:

  • Wash it - avoid food contamination by making sure waste is clean
  • Dry it - wet paper and cardboard can’t be recycled
  • Squash it - minimise the amount of space the recycling takes up
  • Recycle it - make sure you put it in the right bin

By effectively recycling, we not only divert waste from landfills but also limit the need for new materials, leading to a significantly lower carbon footprint.

Living in halls on campus? 

Your actions can lead your hall to exciting prizes!  

By participating in the go! Greener Halls Competition, you not only contribute to a more sustainable future but also become a catalyst for positive change.  

The competition is scheduled to run from 1 February to the 17 of March. The go! Greener Halls Competition encompasses all catered halls on campus and Melton Hall.   

How can you get involved? 

Here are some simple steps to get started: 

  • Reduce: Make conscious efforts to avoid buying things you don’t need, things with excessive packaging or disposable items.   

  • Reuse: Can you use reusable alternatives instead? Use a reusable cup instead of getting a drink in a takeaway cup from a cafe. At the university, there is a Latte Levy, where you can save up to 40p. Refill a water bottle instead of buying a new bottle every time – there are water fountains across campus for you to fill up at. 

  • Recycle:  Learn what can and can’t be recycled on campus. Look at the signs above bins or check out our waste A-Z

  • Spread the Word: Encourage your friends and hallmates to join the cause. Together, we can make a difference. Stay Informed: Keep an eye out for updates and resources. We're here to support your journey towards sustainability.


Florence Boot Hall has won our spring 2024 competition!

We were delighted to announce that Florence Boot Hall won our spring 2024 go! Greener competition!

Florence Boot managed to reduce their waste by 168 kg, the rough weight of which equates to 120 laptops or 700 iPhones.

All halls involved in the trial combined reduced by 902kg against the baseline figures which is the weight of around 4,510 potatoes or 257 game consoles.

Go! Switch Off Results Final Table



For more sustainable living tips, view our Sustainable Living Guide.   

So, go! Your sustainable choices matter.



Sustainability Team

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