Student opportunities

If you're interested in helping to make the University more sustainable or are looking for opportunities to gain real world experience, we have a range of ways you can get involved - from one-off volunteering to outdoor projects and media roles.

Those looking for longer term experience can consider a project below, or get in touch with a project idea which can be supported by the Sustainability Team.

Undergraduate students relaxing in The Exchange Building, Jubilee Campus

One-off volunteering

These opportunities require minimal commitment but offer a chance to try something different and add to your CV. Examples include:

  • Student engagement - run a stall on a particular issue at one of our engagement events
  • Waste composition analysis - spend half a day finding out what really gets thrown away!
  • Photographer - arrange a photo shoot to expand our media library 
  • Videos - pick a topic and make a short, informative video about it

Practical experience

Make the most of your time at university by developing a range of practical and transferable skills that enhance your employability.



These projects offer an opportunity to shape sustainability at the University through a combination of research and practical interventions.

  • Conduct surveys and workshops with staff and students on sustainable catering.
  • Set up bespoke recycling systems, e.g. disposable vapes, crisp packets.
  • Food waste - plan and run a campaign in catered halls to reduce leftovers.
  • Improving recycling performance - analyse waste data to identify buildings with low recycling rates, investigate reasons for low recycling and work with building users to develop solutions to increase recycling
  • We can also fund your own project!


To find out more about any of the opportunities listed, get in touch with us via email. If you're interested in proposing your own project, email us with the details.


Student eco-inductions

New students will receive information on sustainability via their school/departmental induction week.

There are opportunities to take part in climate change workshops (e.g. Climate Fresk) and further information sessions and talks are delivered by the sustainability team throughout the year. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date or contact us to find out more.

Careers in sustainability

The Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges (EAUC) Scotland have developed a series of guides for those interested in pursuing a career in the area of sustainability. 

A sustainability job is defined as a role which overlaps the environmental, social and economic boundaries, and has either a strong environmental or social justice dimension. These jobs can have sustainability as the core focus, a main responsibility, or a small aspect of the role.



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