Planning, Performance and Strategic Change

Planning, Performance and Strategic Change

The Planning, Performance and Strategic Change (PPSC) Directorate enables the University to deliver its strategy, performance objectives, plans, projects and statutory requirements.

We inject energy, pace and leadership to facilitate effective decision making and deliver change.

By providing clear data, insight, governance and frameworks we ensure that the University invests in and successfully delivers initiatives and activities which will deliver its vision and strategic outcomes.

By maintaining a holistic view of strategy, plans, data and projects we are able to bring people together from across the institution; building connections and reducing silos.

The directorate is made up of three functions:

  • Insight and Analytics – curating a set of transparent, reliable and usable data for our core data sets which supports our statutory reporting and can be accessed by faculties, schools and PS teams.  This includes our student  statistics which are available here.
  • Strategy and Planning – providing leadership, coordination, expertise, data, insight, support and frameworks to enable the University to deliver its strategy, performance objectives and Business Planning processes. 
  • Projects and Change – Providing coordination, support and best practice to change initiatives across the institution through effective Project Management, underpinned by supportive Change Management.