Project Transform

What is Project Transform?

Project Transform is just one part of Global Strategy 2020, an initiative to strengthen education and research, improve on existing quality and offer a unique international approach for our students.

Aligning processes across the UK, China and Malaysia campuses, the project will mark the beginning of a new journey towards continuous improvement and student excellence, transforming the way that the University delivers certain student services.

We've already begun to make a number of changes across the University, with many more still to come. Continue reading to find out what we've achieved so far, and what changes you can expect to see in the coming months.

Students in front of the Trent Building, University Park, Nottingham 


What have we achieved so far?


Student Service Centres
The most noticeable difference around campus is the introduction of new Student Service Centres. These were introduced on 1 August 2016 and we now have Service Centres spread across our UK campuses, with three on University Park and one each at QMC, Jubilee, Sutton Bonington, City Hospital and Royal Derby Hospital. These are places for students to get help with a range of administrative processes and queries related to their course or the wider student experience. Visit the Student Services website to find out more.
Student Services department
We’ve established a brand new Student Services department to oversee our Student Service Centres and to manage and improve our administrative processes. For the first time we’re bringing the wide ranging expertise of our Faculty administrative staff into one organisation in order to share knowledge and ways of working. Find out more about Student Services on Workspace (login required).
Optimised Admissions and Enquiries processes
On 28 September 2015 we introduced new software and processes to support our Admissions and Enquiries teams. This consisted of the implementation of a new system called PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, which allows our teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively. Find out more about the new Admissions system.
Malaysia implementation

The PeopleSoft Campus Solutions software offers us an end-to-end student records system, meaning that all student administrative processes can be completed in one place and kept in one record. The system will enable an integrated view of the entire Nottingham student journey.

We’ve also built a portal called MyNottingham, where students can access their record and carry out their part of these administrative processes. MyNottingham and Campus Solutions are integrated so the records seen by a staff member will be automatically updated if a student makes a change – and vice versa.

On 12 January 2017, staff on the Malaysia campus started using the system for the administration of current student records and online admissions was opened up for applicants. It was followed by the launch of MyNottingham in February.

Malaysia has been the first campus to use Campus Solutions, with new functionality being brought online through the academic cycle. Using our experience there, we’ve been able to identify, and work to resolve, issues before they affect the other two campuses.

China implementation

We made the student records module of Campus Solutions live in China on 28 April 2017. Staff in Ningbo can now use the system to manage student records. We are phasing in other parts of the system and interfacing systems over summer 2017. Find out more about the go-live in China.

UK Direct Admissions and Teacher Training

The Admissions team started using PeopleSoft Campus Solutions in the Autumn of 2015 to manage UCAS applications. In October 2017, the use of the system was extended to Direct Admissions and UCAS Teacher Training applications.

Find out more about the go-live of Campus Solutions for UK Direct Admissions and Teacher Training.



What does the future hold?


UK Full PeopleSoft implementation
From autumn 2017, we’ll be starting preparations for the launch of the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions system for student records in the UK. The Project Transform team are working on producing an updated plan following the University’s decision to reschedule the go-live. More information about the schedule for go-live will be provided at a later point.



What will happen after Project Transform?

The introduction of the new software and Student Service Centres are part of a journey towards excellence. The Service Centres and the online system will be a marked improvement on the facilities available at the University today. However, we will continue to ensure that we build upon the new model and continue to improve services and systems in line with the needs of our students.

Project Transform

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