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QTea kick-off meeting- October 2012

The kick-off meeting was held in Germany at the Institute for Laser Physics of the University of Hamburg from 24-26th October 2012.


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QTea/MPAGS/Granada University Summer School

The event was was held at the University of Granada from 15th-19th September 2013 with the title “Quantum Matter: Foundations and Applications” .


This School featured tutorial style lectures introducing themes of broad interest in the areas of cold atoms and molecules, quantum optics and condensed matter physics, quantum information and quantum interference and precision measurements providing a basis for new members of the community and deepening the knowledge of more experienced ones. Additional shorter seminar style talks gave a flavour of current trends in the field. All lectures were given by leading scientists from around the world and the level of the lectures was aimed at graduate students and young post-docs.

Invited speakers:
Klaus Sengstock (Hamburg)
Ana Sanpera (Barcelona)
Charles Adams (Durham)
Kai Bongs (Birmingham)
Philip Bouyer (Bordeaux)
Sebastian Diehl (Innsbruck)

Selim Jochim (Heidelberg)

QTea Technology Workshop- October 2013

The Technology Workshop was held in Copenhagen from 6-10th October 2013 by NKT/DFM/DTU which also included a management meeting.

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QTea Training Camp- 21st June-19th July 2014

In order to develop the cohort’s cohesion and “network identity”, the QTea(m), an extended
workshop or “training camp” was organised at the University of Nottingham. The workshop aimed at providing transferable skills training and professional outlook by enhancing and combining it with network specific
research training. A set of modules were offered to provide the researchers with general but targeted knowledge for quantum sensor research, e.g., quantum optics, precision measurements, and Fourier techniques and statistics as well as soft skills training such as Presentation Skills.

QTeaPS Postgraduate Symposium- 30 August-3 September 2015

The Quantum Sensor Technologies and Applications Postgraduate Symposium (QTeaPS) was a joint organised event by research fellows in  the Marie Curie ITN on Quantum Sensor Technologies and Applications (QTea) network. The symposium was hosted by the Institute of Laser Physics in the University of Hamburg and was aimed at experimental  and theoretical  physics postgraduate students. The main focus of the event was on the growing fields of gravitational probing, rotation sensing, magnetic sensors,surface probing, atomic clocks and precision spectroscopy. 
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QTea coordination:

School of Physics & Astronomy, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD, UK