Dong-Hyun Kim

Associate Professor in Analytical Bioscience 

Phone:  +44 (0) 115 748 4697


Dr Kim is a Director of the Centre for Analytical Bioscience which is a successful mass spectrometry facility housing extensive specialist mass spectrometry equipment. This facility provides the high-quality research environment for metabolomics, lipidomics, fluxomics, metabolic pathway profiling, and biomarker identification analysis.

Expertise relevant to Green Chemicals

Hyun's expertise is in method development and applying mass spectrometry techniques to interdisciplinary research (e.g. metabolic engineering, synthetic biology). He also has expertise in conventional mass spectrometry-based metabolite profiling, targeted pathway profiling and quantification of small biomolecules within microbial cell factories.

Goals in the area of Green Chemicals.

  • To establish analytical platforms for fluxomics to support industrial biotechnology/synthetic biology.

  • To develop high quality analytical support for untargeted metabolomics and targeted quantitative analysis.

  • To combine analytical techniques with metabolic engineering/synthetic biology in order to establish sustainable chemistry (e.g. bio-plastics, biofuels, therapeutic polymers).

Recent publications related to Green Chemicals

Abdelrazig, S., Safo, L., Rance, G. A., Fay, M. W., Theodosiou, E., Topham, P., Kim, D.-H.*, Fernández-Castané, A.* (2020) Metabolic characterisation of Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense MSR-1 using LC-MS-based metabolite profiling. RSC Advances, 10, 32548-32560. *Joint corresponding authors.

Johnston, K.*, Kim, D.-H.*, Kerkhoven, E. J., Burchmore, R., Barrett, M. P., Achcar, F. (2019) Mapping the metabolism of five amino acids in bloodstream from Trypanosoma brucei using U-13C-labelled substrates and LC-MS. Bioscience Reports, 39(5), BSR20181601. *Co-first authors.

Schatschneider, S., Abdelrazig, S., Safo, L., Henstra, A. M., Millat, T., Kim D.-H., Winzer, K., Minton N. P., Barrett D. A. (2018) Quantitative isotope dilution high-resolution mass spectrometry analysis of multiple intracellular metabolites in Clostridium autoethanogenum using uniformly 13C-labelled standards derived from Spirulina. Analytical Chemistry, 90(7), 4470-4477.

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