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Smart Products

Intelligent digital platforms enable manufacturers and consumers to co-create new kinds of personalised products fit for our future industrial society.

This demands a radical approach: reimagining future hybrid products as a blend of goods, services and experiences, discovering new ways of making these and harnessing personal data in more trusted ways. 

Making smarter products in smarter ways

Smart industrial Systems


We tackle a new challenge facing the world – how can we harness the digital revolution in a responsible way, for the good of all? Digital platforms coupled with personal data drive the innovative products and manufacturing essential to our future economic wellbeing. Yet these opportunities demand robust new approaches to the ethical use of data.

We draw together expertise from computer science, advanced manufacturing, creative design and the social sciences to forge a unique capability to tackle this challenge. Our discoveries will enrich personal experiences, build better-connected societies and provide exciting opportunities for business in the digital economy.

Meet some of our experts

Steve Benford
Director of Smart Products and Professor of Computer Science

Svetan Ratchev
Professor of Production Engineering and Director of the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing

Derek McAuley
Professor of the Digital Economy and Director of Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute





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