Crops for the future

Crops for the future

Sustainable Societies

The Crops for the Future Research Centre was established in 2011 to provide research support for the Global Crops for the Future organization. This is a joint initiative guaranteed by the government of Malaysia and The University of Nottingham in Malaysia. 2015 saw the completion of the £26 million state-of-the-art “domes” that became the Crops for the Future Research Centre.

This is a significant investment in The University of Nottingham research by the government of Malaysia, and one that will enable UK research to start making a real difference in Malaysia and beyond into the wider Asian region.

The aims of the Crops for the Future Research Centre are to secure a greater role for underutilised crops in global agriculture, especially in developing regions of the world. Through research to provide trusted knowledge on underutilised crops and from the results of this research, we can help to deliver innovative and useful products.

Global Research Theme
Sustainable Societies

Research Priority Area
Agriculture and Food Security

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