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We are committed to addressing the key challenges of our age.

Our five interdisciplinary Global Research Themes draw upon our University’s strengths: our ability to focus the depth and range of our research, international and business partnerships and, not least, the inspirational people who are dedicated to driving innovation that will ultimately change lives.

Cultures and Communications

In an increasingly connected, fast-changing world, we are faced with complex questions about identity, diversity and a sense of belonging. By understanding how we communicate, and how our cultural identities are formed, we can address these challenges and better understand our place in the world and how we relate to those around us.

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Developing Sustainable Societies

Urgent political, social, environmental and economic challenges confront us all. The scale of these challenges demand future-proof responses that can be sustained. Our interdisciplinary approach and globally recognised expertise will help to inform research agendas, shape policy and create new ways of living to allow societies to flourish in the face of adversity.

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Digital Futures

Better understanding of mathematics and computing can help deliver incredible new technologies and unpick issues of vast complexity and scope. By bringing together expertise from science, engineering, social sciences and the arts, we can use data more effectively to model behaviours, find solutions and make decisions that will have a positive impact on lives across the globe.

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Health and Wellbeing

We have world-renowned expertise in healthcare technologies and biomedical imaging, and by further drawing on our multidisciplinary research across health sciences, including our relationship to health and disease in animals, we aim to draw a more complete picture of wellbeing. This will equip medical professionals with the knowledge and tools to intervene at the right time and in the right way.

We have just started funding new areas of research in these areas. More information will be available online in October.

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Transformative Technologies

It has a huge impact on how we live now and in the future. By focusing our multidisciplinary expertise across areas such as quantum systems, advanced manufacturing, energy and aerospace, we will develop and deliver novel technologies that will benefit societies and truly transform the world we live in.

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