Biodiscovery Institute

The Biodiscovery Institute is a world-leading hub of interdisciplinary research excellence that is shaping the future of health and biotechnology.

The £100 million Biodiscovery Institute is home to nearly 1,000 talented academics, researchers, clinicians and other support staff who share a common passion: to use, or support, scientific endeavour to deliver change for the greater good.

Our mission is simple, yet complex by its nature: through chemical biological discovery and engineering we diagnose, treat and cure disease, and provide security for quality of life.

We are the Biodiscovery Institute.

We've created a suite of buildings to house nearly 1,000 staff and PhD students dedicated to biodiscovery.

Read more from the Director of the Biodiscovery Institute, Professor Chris Denning

To light our paths through this difficult time, the Biodiscovery Institute invites everyone at the University of Nottingham, and their family and friends, to grow a sunflower. Find out more and how to get involved


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