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Research culture is an important part of the makeup of the Biodiscovery Institute. At its heart is an environment where everyone is valued, has a voice and can maximise their potential, regardless of gender, race, religion, or mental and physical health.  

The Institute strives to create a climate where mistakes are embraced as learning opportunities, and where individuals can work together to thrive, innovate and succeed with co-operation and trust. 

The Biodiscovery Institutes prides itself on innovation and seeks to create a culture to facilitate this, based on science and data. The 2020 Wellcome Trust Report, What Researchers Think About the Culture They Work In, highlighted that the current culture in academia of ever-increasing workloads, combined with flawed metrics and targets, goes against that aim by stifling innovation and exacerbating mental health and wellbeing issues. 

Instead, the Institute embraces the idea of freethinking, and looks to the examples set by other organisations who have done so too. The Institute also promotes autonomy, mastery and purpose, and is working to embed these values within its culture. It promotes freethinking for everyone, and this is driven ground-up by the talented research students and staff, who take ownership of their ideas. Celebration is also key, and the Biodiscovery Institute celebrates everything; from PhD defences, honours and grants to marriages and new arrivals, the Biodiscovery Institute promotes a positive and inclusive environment.  

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Biodiscovery Institute creates purpose for all who work there. Its pioneering research tackles global challenges, from climate change and antibiotic resistance to chronic diseases and infections, and provides hope that we can overcome these challenges.

Within the Biodiscovery Institute, we are avid supporters of early career researchers and those aspiring to make a transition to independence. We actively encourage prospective fellows to apply for University of Nottingham fellowships schemes or for externally funded fellowships. 

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