Centre for Additive Manufacturing
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Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) techniques continue to evolve quickly and the the Centre for Additive Manufacturing (CfAM) is at the forefront of this research.The research undertaken by this group spans across both fundamental and applied research. The next stage of development of this new technology will be to go beyond using single materials (either polymer or metal) and instead use multiple materials – both functional and structural – in unison to engineer highly functional, durable and life-changing items such as prosthetic limbs, complex pharmaceutical devices and advanced engineering components. 

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Centre for Additive Manufacturing

The activity of the group spans both fundamental and applied research focused on Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing.

The core research carried out within the group is focussed on investigating the underpinning processes, materials and computational methods for multifunctional Additive Manufacturing, giving the potential to move beyond structural applications and create fully functional systems using Additive Manufacturing rather than passive individual components. The group works closely with business to translate its technology through to commercial use, and has set up its own consultancy company (www.addedscientific.com) to more fully engage with multiple industrial sectors. By working across both academic and commercial enterprises, new opportunities for increasing functionality and adding value to the technology have been created.


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Centre for Additive Manufacturing

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