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Hydrogel sample 3D printed at the Centre for Additive Manufacturing at University of Nottingham

Centre for Additive Manufacturing reports

The Centre for Additive Manufacturing is proud to present a comprehensive collection of our reports, showcasing our major advancements in additive manufacturing research, programmes highlights and biannual updates of the ongoing research activities. 

These documents aim to provide insights into our innovative research in additive manufacturing processes, materials, computational models and management, the cutting-edge technology developments, and strategic partnerships that drive our mission forward. These reports also introduce the team that is driving this research forwards and it is an opportunity to meet our investigators, researchers, students and their field of expertise. 

For more detailed information and to access the full range of our reports, please visit the links below.

Researcher Engineer carrying out experiments using a LPBF 3D printer Aconity Midi+ system at the Centre for Additive Manufacturing

Centre for Additive Manufacturing biennial report

Check out latest report (pdf format)

STEM researcher setting up a 3D print of an optoelectronic device using a Dimatix inkjet printer at the Centre for Additive Manufacturing

Programme Grant Enabling Next Generation Additive Manufacturing

Final report 2018-2024 (pdf format)

Four samples of 3D printed polypills with controlled distribution of medication in the shape of University of Nottingham logo for targetted release of medication

Formulation for 3D printing: Creating a plug and play platform for a disruptive UK industry

Final report 2017-2021 (pdf format)

Our reports showcase the dedication of our team in delivering cutting-edge research in additive manufacturing. Through these reports, you will be able to get a better overview of our current research as well as how it has been evolving since the Centre creation.
Flavia Villarroel, Programme Manager
STEM Researcher from the Centre for Additive Manufacturing using 4 terminal micropositioners to measure conductivity of a 3D inkjet printed optoelectronic structure using gold nanoparticles ink

Centre for Additive Manufacturing past reports

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