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Jung-Che Chang

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Jung-Che Chang (Alex or Rongzhe Zhang) is a postgraduate research student with the department of Mechanical Materials and Manufacturing Engineering (MMME). He received his BEng degree from Beihang University with an evaluation of excellent graduation design and his MSc degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Nottingham with honor.

Jung-Che is currently working on the design of crawling robot for confine space manipulation (e.g. in-situ inspection and repairing). Facing to the robotic use, his research interest includes linkage based transmission mechanisms, deployable mechanisms, origami, stiffness adjustable system, compliant mechanisms and soft mechanisms.

Expertise Summary

Jung-Che Chang holds a firm background of mechanical design for robotics with experience based manufacturing knowledge. His past experience includes design and fabrication of transformable wheel, nonlinear stiffness mechanism, frisbee robot and stiffening mechanism for continuum robot.

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