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MMT attends SPIE Annual Meeting 2019 in San Diego


Rong does... something at the SPIE meeting

Rong Su and Mateusz Sosin attended Applied Optical Metrology III, one of the conferences of SPIE Annual Meeting in San Diego, 11-15 August 2019. Over 4000 people attend this international, multidisciplinary optical sciences and technology meeting with advances shared in over 3000 presentations.

Rong gave a talk entitled “High-accuracy surface measurement using interference microscopy” and Mateusz gave a talk entitled “Frequency sweeping interferometry for robust and reliable distance measurements in harsh accelerator environment”.

Zygo’s executive director of R&D and Honorary Professor at the University of Nottingham, Peter de Groot, gave an invited talk entitled “Does interferometry work? - A critical look at the foundations of interferometric surface topography measurement”, which Rong Su and Richard Leach co-authored.
Posted on Tuesday 10th September 2019

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