Manufacturing Metrology Team

Richard Leach attended the 66th CIRP General Assembly from 21-27 August 2016 in Guimaraes, Portugal.

Richard was involved in the following:

  • co-author on a paper in the Ann. CIRP “An international comparison of surface texture parameters quantification on polymer artefacts using optical instruments”
  • presented an update to STC P on the 2019 keynote on “Geometrical metrology for metal additive manufacturing” (lead author)
  • attended a planning meeting for STC P 2020 keynote on “Material measures for dimensional metrology” (DTU lead)
  • attended a planning meeting for STC S 2019 keynote on “On-machine surface metrology for precision manufacturing” (Tohoku lead)
  • presented in the Part 2 STC S on “Trials and tribulations with additive surfaces” (co-author Adam Thompson and Nicola Senin)
  • presented in the Part 2 STC P on “Information-rich metrology: a fresh approach to manufacturing metrology”
  • presented in the Part 2 STC S on the surface texture parameter survey that Nottingham is leading
  • elected as the secretary of STC S
  • presented to CIRP UK on the new working group “In-process metrology and process control” (Nottingham lead)

Wahyudin Syam and Rong Su were also elected as affiliate members of CIRP.

CIRP GA 2016 1
L-R: Dr Adam Clare (Nottingham), Dr Haydn Martin (Huddersfield), Dr Peter Kinnell (Loughborough) at the conference dinner.

Manufacturing Metrology Team

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