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Luke Todhunter attended the ISO/TC 213 meeting for Working Group 16 in Tokyo, Japan

On the 5th and 6th September 2017 Luke Todhunter attended the ISO/TC 213 meeting for Working Group 16 on profile and areal surface texture, which took place at Tokyo Denki University (TDU) in Tokyo, Japan. The first day of the meeting focussed on new standards for profile surface texture. This new series of standards, named ISO 21920, aims to update the current standards in place for profile surface texture to bring them more in line with the current areal standards. Comments given on the three parts of this series, 'Indication of surface texture', 'Terms, definitions and surface texture parameters', and 'Specification operators' were presented to the group. Each of these comments were discussed by the group and considered for future revisions of the standard. The latest versions of these standards were reviewed by the author and each new change was reviewed by the group.

The second day of the meeting focussed on revisions for areal surface texture standards. Comments were reviewed and discussed for ISO 25178 parts 600, 607 and 73, with any agreed upon changes given to the main authors for revision. An updated draft for part 700, 'calibration of areal surface topography instruments' was also presented and discussed. In addition, a review of a new standard, 'influence of materials on dimensional metrology', was presented to the group. The group also provided advice and comment on a draft standard in preparation by ISO/TC 172 - Optics and photonics.

In addition to the meeting, WG16 was generously invited to enjoy an authentic Japanese meal at the Izakaya WATAMI restaurant by Dr. Masatoshi Arai, and experienced a fantastic selection of delicious Japanese food.


Meeting venue, TDU
ISO meeting
WG16 Japanese dinner
Senso-ji temple and the Tokyo Skytree tower
Tokyo at night


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