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ISO/TC 213 Working Group 16 Meeting

On the 7th and 8th of February 2017, Luke Todhunter attended the 29th ISO/TC 213 meeting for Working Group 16 (areal and profile surface texture) which took place at the Sirata Beach hotel in St. Petersburg, Florida.

One of the main aspects of the meeting revolved around the review of comments given for working drafts of a new standard for profile surface texture, ISO 21920. The new standard aims to mirror the standards for areal surface texture to make the two approaches more comparable, and is comprised of three parts – Part one: Indication of surface texture, Part two: Terms, definitions and surface texture parameters, and Part three: Specification operators. For each part, comments were reviewed by the group and any proposed changes to the drafts were discussed before being accepted or rejected.

In addition to this, several other document changes were presented and discussed. This included a progress report on an ISO 4287 amendment for the revised definition of the XSm parameters, in which the amendment was presented to the group; a progress report on the revision of an old ISO document on the calibration of contact instruments, ISO 12179, in which the main author detailed their latest attempts to extract the information from the old document; a review of a revised version of ISO 25178-2, in which the document changes were presented by the main author and discussed with the group; and a review of an updated draft of ISO 25178-700, in which the document was walked through by the main author and any suggested changes were discussed and agreed upon by the group. As part of this review, two group members gave presentations on step height calibration.

Towards the end of each day of the meeting, additional presentations were given by members of the group and new research/topics they wished to share. This included Luke’s presentation on the comparison of reference software for the calculation of profile surface texture parameters.


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