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Rong Su undertakes 3 month secondment to China

Rong Su has undertaken secondments to two top Chinese universities of engineering and technology – 2 months at Harbin Institute of Technology and half a month at Tianjin University. This trip was supported by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) project – Micro/Nano Robotics for Single Cancer Cells (MNR4SCell)

In Harbin, Rong visited the Ultra-Precision Optoelectronic Instrument Engineering Centre and the Institute for Optoelectronic Information Measurement Technology and Instrumentation, where he learned important optical engineering skills, tested the confocal microscope developed by HUE Ltd. (soon to be delivered to MMT) and provided feedback, gave a talk on his research and had many interesting questions on transfer functions, self-calibration and interferometry from the audience. Rong also visited Prof. Hui Xie of the State Key Laboratory of Robotics and Systems and discussed future potential collaboration. 

In Tianjin, Rong visited the Centre for Micro/Nano Manufacturing Technology. He introduced MMT’s research to the academics and students of Prof. Fengzhou Fang’s group. He discussed with Prof. Fang and Prof. Xiaodong Zhang the next secondment project on fringe projection and photogrammetry techniques. During Rong’s stay in Tianjin, he helped several research students with their questions on surface metrology, transfer functions of imaging systems and focus variation microscopy.

Rong also had a short visit at the International Research Centre for Nano Handling and Manufacturing at Changchun University of Science and Technology. These universities are the Chinese partners in the RISE project.
In general, this project provides a great opportunity to promote the collaborations between MMT and China’s top groups in metrology.


MNR4SCell Rong secondment 2017_1
Visiting Harbin Ultra Precision Instrumentation Engineering Technology Centre Ltd.
MNR4SCell Rong secondment 2017_2
Rong Su gave a talk on Metrology for Advanced Manufacturing for Prof. Guodong Liu’s group
MNR4SCell Rong secondment 2017_3
Tianjin University – the first modern university in China since 1895
MNR4SCell Rong secondment 2017_4
Rong Su introduced MMT’s research to the Prof. Fengzhou Fang’s micro/nano manufacturing group at Tianjin University
MNR4SCell Rong secondment 2017_5
Rong Su visited Prof. Zuobin Wang who is the director of the International Research Centre for Nano Handling and Manufacturing in Changchun


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