Manufacturing Metrology Team

Advanced computed tomography for dimensional and surface measurements in industry (AdvanCT)

Grant: JRP i04 AdvanCT
Funding: EMPIR
Duration: Sep 2018 – Sep 2021
Team: Richard Leach, Nicola Senin, Adam Thompson, Lars Körner
Website: Coming soon

X-ray computed tomography (CT) is an aspiring contact-free measurement method which allows determination of the complete geometry of objects (inner and outer geometry including surface texture) typically not fully accessible to other measurement methods. There is a broad range of industrial applications, e.g. macro- and microfabrication, automotive, telecom and additive manufacturing. To support dimensional metrology in future advanced manufacturing, the project will develop traceable CT measurement techniques for dimensions and surface texture. Open issues regarding traceability, measurement uncertainty, sufficient precision/accuracy, scanning time, multi-material, surface form and roughness, suitable reference standards, and simulation techniques will be clarified. MMT’s input to the project will be to develop methods for surface texture extraction and analysis from CT data.


Figure 1. Example topographies obtained by varying XCT measurement setup: a) Interferometric reference; b) X-ray CT measurement using 5× magnification; c) X-ray CT measurement using 20× magnification. 


Manufacturing Metrology Team

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