Manufacturing Metrology Team

Design of additively manufactured lattice structures for precision mechanical force loops

Start: December 2016
Student: Waiel Elmadih
Supervisors: Richard Leach, Wahyudin Syam
Funding: Faculty

The metrology loops on measuring instruments play a vital role in the instruments’ performance, as they have to precisely maintain alignment between the measuring probe, the measured part and the instrument base. Moreover, the loop should have a minimum required stiffness and strength and, have good thermal stability. Conventional manufacturing processes widely used today can limit the design potential to produce the loop with the desired characteristics and the optimum use of material.

The project will investigate the use of additive manufacturing (AM) for metrology loop design and manufacture. One example would be the use of lattice structures, and the plan includes a range of lattice structures of different geometries, sizes and volume fractions. The aim is to use the benefits achievable with AM to optimize metrology frame design for less material usage and improved performance. It is anticipated that AM would enable lightweight structures with enhanced thermal and vibration isolation properties.


The metrology frame as part of the structural loop in an optical CMM.
The metrology frame as part of the structural loop in an optical CMM.

Manufacturing Metrology Team

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