Manufacturing Metrology Team

Development of methods for measuring the surface topography of AM parts

Start: October 2015
Student: Lewis Newton
Supervisors: Richard Leach, Nicola Senin, Simon Lawes
Funding: Additive Manufacturing  CDT 
Sponsor: Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)

Methods will be developed to measure the surface topography of additive manufactured parts. Commercial measurement techniques will be used such as:

  • stylus
  • focus variation
  • confocal microscopy
  • interferometry
  • electron microscopy
This is to assess the appropriate measurement spatial bandwidths to be used, and appropriate parameters to control manufacturing or correlate to function. A number of industrial case studies will be investigated to formulate ways to control the surfaces during manufacture and finishing. 


Example of case studies for development of method to measure surface texture of additively manufactured parts.

Manufacturing Metrology Team

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