Manufacturing Metrology Team

Metrological characteristics of focus-variation microscopy

Start: April 2015
Student: Anas Alburayt
Supervisors: Richard Leach, Wahyudin Syam
Funding: Self-funded

Surface topography measurement is important for the manufacture of advanced surfaces since they are designed to affect the component’s functionality. Optical metrology instruments are an essential tool to measure areal surface topography. Focus-variation microscopy is an important optical technology as it has the capability to measure machined surfaces with high slope angles. ISO specification standards on the calibration and performance verification of focus variation instruments are being developed and these include the determination of a number of critical metrological characteristics. In this research, artefacts and calibration procedures will be developed to quantify the metrological characteristics of focus variation instruments . They can be used as performance measures for the instrument and for measurement uncertainty estimation.  

alicona vibration
vibration measurement during scanning of focus-variation instrument

Manufacturing Metrology Team

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