Manufacturing Metrology Team

Dimensional micro and nanometrology using areal topography data produced by 3D surface metrology instruments (METROSURF) 

Funding: EURAMET
Duration: February 2015 – Februari 2017
Team: Richard Leach, Nicola Senin
Website: Metrosurf

The project investigates the development of original methods and algorithms for the dimensional and geometric verification of products and/or surface features defined at micro and nanometric scales. The idea is to overcome the current limitations of SEM imaging (only qualitative information) and micro/nano CMMs (slow, difficult to use) through an unconventional use of measurement data produced by advanced 3D profilometers and microscopes, which are being currently adopted in surface metrology for areal surface texture assessment.The ultimate goal is to produce traceable, or at least reproducible measurement solutions that can be used for quality inspection of micro/nano fabricated parts and devices, structured and unstructured texture, and/or for accurate measurement of defects and other surface singularities. Such solutions would finally provide a reliable and quantitative feedback to those research and industrial applications concerned with precision engineering, and/or seeking to improve the design and manufacturing processes typically adopted at the micro and sub-micrometric scales. In addition, measurement solutions developed by the project should provide valuable feedback to those researchers involved with the study of advanced manufacturing processes (conventional and non-conventional precision machining, additive manufacturing, laser texturing, micro/nano manufacturing and assembly, etc.) and concerned with the analysis of the manufacturing signature/fingerprint, i.e. trying to understand how a manufacturing process operates in terms of the surface features it generates. Within the project, the development of original methods and algorithms for topography data analysis is carried on through the investigation of a wide array of test cases of academic and industrial relevance pertaining MEMS, microfluidic devices, micro-textured surfaces, parts, surfaces and artefacts generated by a multitide of advanced manufacturing processes (precision, additive, etc.). 

Example test applications investigated within the METROSURF project

Manufacturing Metrology Team

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