Manufacturing Metrology Team

Online process monitoring of a selective laser sintering system

Start: October 2014
Student: Nicholas Southon
Supervisors: Richard Hague, Richard Leach, Ruth Goodridge, Petros Stavroulakis, Dominik Rietzel (BMW)
Funding: BMW

Laser sintering is the most common additive manufacturing process used in industry, with a wide variety of objects manufactured with the process. However, significant variability exists between machines, individual batches and object position in the build chamber. This inherent uncertainty limits end-use certification, as well as material development.

The project consists of retrofitting process monitoring to a laser sintering system. The aim is to process the subsequent monitoring data in real time, thus allowing process control signals to be created. It is anticipated that such control feedback would reduce defects and increase uniformity in laser sintered parts.

SLS system setup to implement online process monitoring system

Manufacturing Metrology Team

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