Manufacturing Metrology Team

Development of XCT techniques to measure the internal dimensional properties of AM parts

Start: October 2015
Student: Lars Korner
Supervisors: Simon Lawes, Richard Leach
Funding: Additive Manufacturing  CDT 
Sponsor: Nikon

Robust methods will be developed and validated to obtain traceable dimensional measurements of the internal and external dimensions of additive manufacturing made parts using XCT. Novel methods and models for deriving internal topography measurements from XCT data will be developed to enable an accurate assessment of post-processing techniques (such as mechanical polishing) used to improve the acceptable deviation from nominal shape. Also, artefacts will be developed with complex internal features and varying surface texture using different processes and materials. 

Round-robin testing will be performed to validate the measurement methods developed (with at least NPL). Traceable measurements of the artefacts will be provided by conventional co-ordinate and surface topography measuring instruments, with destructive sectioning for internal structures.

Development of methods and algorithms to accurately measure dimensional properties of AM part by using XCT.

Manufacturing Metrology Team

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