Advanced Materials Research Group
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The Advanced Materials Research Group (AMRG) specialises in innovative research focussed on providing solutions and expertise in all areas of material science and Engineering.

We have expertise in many processing methodologies such as Microwave Process Engineering, Hydrothermal Synthesis, Solution Plasma Spraying, Reactive Sputtering and Laser/Electron beam surface modification.

Research within the AMRG is leading to technologies in: 

  • healthcare
  • addressing issues linked to the ageing population
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Advanced Materials

  • solving problems in interfaces in wide range of applications from de-icing coatings to thermal barriers;
  • utilising nano-materials such as in novel composites or in body armour;
  • energy translation
  • storage from solid oxide fuel cells to hydrogen storage.

The group is building a dynamic, interactive community in novel materials manufacture, processing and detailed micro and nano characterisation enhancing research excellence and impact. The groups expertise covers all classes of materials and scale up production of many of the synthesis processes working with industry. The group also prioritises in developing and training highly qualified researchers; conducting internationally leading research in materials science and engineering and interacting with a range of stakeholders to ensure knowledge transfer.


Advanced Materials Research Group

Faculty of Engineering
The University of Nottingham
University Park
Nottingham, NG7 2RD