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Akisin Cletus John had his B.Engr from Nigeria, and his MSc from the University of Nottingham, both in Mechanical Engineering. I am currently doing research as a PhD student with the advanced materials research group (AMRG), coatings and surface engineering (CSE) sub-division. My research is on thermal and cold spray additive manufacturing of high entropy alloys, involving manufacturing a range of light-weight high entropy alloys and their coatings. These are new and advanced materials that would find applications in the aerospace, automotive and energy sectors.

Expertise Summary

My expertise includes:

  • Finite element modelling of high strain rate and deformation of particles under high impacting process as in cold and thermal spraying.
  • Thermodynamic modelling of multi-component systems such as high entropy alloys.
  • Thermal and cold spray manufacturing of coating materials.
  • Project management and research development.

Research Summary

Thermal and cold spray additive manufacturing of high entropy alloys

Past Research

Cold spray development of Al alloy composite coatings for wear applications.

Future Research

Advanced materials design and manufacturing

Advanced Materials Research Group

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