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Julie Greensmith

Lecturer, Faculty of Science


Recent Publications

  • GU, F., GREENSMITH, J. and AICKELIN, U., 2012. Theoretical formulation and analysis of the deterministic dendritic cell algorithm Biosystems. 111(2), 127-135
  • FENG GU, JAN FEYEREISL, ROBERT OATES, JENNA REPS, JULIE GREENSMITH and UWE AICKELIN, 2011. Quiet in Class: Classification, Noise and the Dendritic Cell Algorithm. In: G. NICOSIA ET AL, ed., Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Artificial Immune Systems LNCS 6825. Springer-Verlag. 173-186
  • GREENSMITH, J., AICKELIN, U. and TEDESCO, G., 2010. Information fusion for anomaly detection with the dendritic cell algorithm Information Fusion. 11(1), 21-34
  • JULIE GREENSMITH, UWE AICKELIN and YOUSOF AL-HAMMADI, 2010. Performance Evaluation of DCA and SRC on a Single Bot Detection Journal of Information Assurance and Security. 5(1), 265-275
  • GREENSMITH, J., AICKELIN, U. and FEYEREISL, J., 2008. The DCA: SOMe comparison: a comparative study between two biologically-inspired algorithms Evolutionary Intelligence. 1(2), 85-112
  • GREENSMITH, J. and AICKELIN, U., 2008. The deterministic dendritic cell algorithm. In: BENTLEY, P., LEE, D. and JUNG, S., eds., Artificial immune systems: 7th international conference, ICARIS 2008, Phuket, Thailand, August 10-13, 2008 : proceedings Springer. 291-302
  • KIM, J., BENTLEY, P. J., AICKELIN, U., GREENSMITH, J., TEDESCO, G. and TWYCROSS, J., 2007. Immune system approaches to intrusion detection – a review NATURAL COMPUTING. VOL 6(NUMBER 4), 413-466
  • OATES, R., GREENSMITH, J., AICKELIN, U., GARIBALDI, J. and KENDALL, G., 2007. The Application of a Dendritic Cell Algorithm to a Robotic Classifier LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE. NUMB 4628, 204-215
  • GREENSMITH, J., 2007. The Dendritic Cell Algorithm At: PhD Thesis, University of Nottingham, 2007
  • GREENSMITH, J., AICKELIN, U and , 2007. DCA for SYN scan detection In: Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) 2007. 49-56
  • AICKELIN, U. and GREENSMITH, J., 2007. Sensing danger: Innate immunology for intrusion detection INFORMATION SECURITY TECHNICAL REPORT. VOL 12(NUMBER 4), 218-227
  • GREENSMITH, J. and AICKELIN, U., 2006. Dendritic Cells for Real-Time Anomaly Detection In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Artificial Immune Systems and Immune System Modelling. 7-8
  • GREENSMITH, J., AICKELIN, U. and TWYCROSS, J., 2006. Articulation and Clarification of the Dendritic Cell Algorithm LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE. NUMB 4163, 404-417
  • GREENSMITH, J., TWYCROSS, J, AICKELIN, U and , 2006. Dendritic Cells for Anomaly Detection In: IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation.
  • JULIE GREENSMITH, UWE AICKELIN, STEVE CAYZER, 2005. Introducing Dendritic Cells as a Novel Immune-Inspired Algorithm for Anomaly Detection In: Proceedings ICARIS-2005, 4th International Conference on Artificial Immune Systems, LNCS 3627. 153-167
  • JUNGWON KIM, JULIE GREENSMITH, JAMIE TWYCROSS, UWE AICKELIN, 2005. Malicious Code Execution Detection and Response Immune System inspired by the Danger Theory In: Adaptive and Resilient Computing Security Workshop (ARCS-05).
  • BENTLEY, P. J., GREENSMITH, J. and UJJIN, S., 2005. Two Ways to Grow Tissue for Artificial Immune Systems LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE. NUMB 3627, 139-152
  • UWE AICKELIN, JULIE GREENSMITH, JAMIE TWYCROSS, 2004. Immune System Approaches to Intrusion Detection - A Review In: Proceedings of the Third International Conference 3rd International Conference on Artificial Immune Systems (ICARIS 2004). 316-329
  • JULIE GREENSMITH, UWE AICKELIN, JAMIE TWYCROSS, 2004. Detecting Danger: Applying a Novel Immunological Concept to Intrusion Detection Systems In: 6th International Conference in Adaptive Computing in Design and Manufacture.

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